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The Kawasaki Cam Chain Tensioner is considered by Kawasaki not to be rebuildable, however we have supplied springs for thousands of rebuilds without issue.

There appear to be 2 general modes of failure.

1) The spring breaks or becomes weak. 

2) The Cam Chain stretches beyond the limit of the tensioner, thereby rendering the tensioner ineffective



We have developed a spring replacement that solves the first problem.  Rebuilding the tensioner is not very difficult with our Utimate Rebuild kit.  Given that replacement of these springs occur well into the life of the bike, we have made these springs about 15% stiffer than stock to account for the fact that they will most likely be used when the tensioner will not be fully compressed.  TOC Manufacturing recommends that you replace the ACCT springs every 2 to 3 years.




The TOC Manufacturing Ultimate rebuild kit includes 2 springs, one for each ACCT; 4 O-rings, 2 for each ACCT for the front and real seals; and the Ultimate ACCT Rebuild key.  After years of development, this key allows you to easily and properly rebuild your ACCT.  The Ultimate Rebuild Kit is $35.00 plus shipping.







If you only need replacement springs, they are $10.00 per spring ($20.00 for a package of two as shown in the photo below), plus shipping.







For those of you that would rather not rebuild the Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner yourself, we will rebuild them for $40 each, which includes the price of the spring and the O-rings.



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