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The manual cam chain tensioner has been designed to replace the automatic cam chain tensioner.  This product is made of stainless steel and aluminum, and currently comes in a gray NTOC finish or a black powercoat finish.

NOTE: Due to the introduction of our new metal finishing product, NTOC, once our existing inventory of silver and black tensioners is depleted , all new tensioners will be finished with NTOC - Nickel Teflon Over Coating.  We have currently SOLD OUT out of both SILVER and BLACK powdercoated tensioners and will be offering the gray NTOC finish instead. PLEASE NOTE, orders with the gray NTOC will ship with a STAINLESS STEEL nut and bolt, NOT THE BLACK OXIDE NUT AND BOLD as illustrated in the photos below.  We are still working through some adhesion concerns with that finish, and hope to have a definitive resolution soon.

The photos below show Kawasaki Silver finish, a TOC Silver MCCT, and a TOC MCCT finished in NOTC.


The price of a Manual Cam Chain Tensioner is $50.00.


Use this button to purchase a Manual Cam Chain Tensioner with NTOC, and STAINLESS STEEL nut and bolt as pictured here.

Free Manual Cam Chain Tensioner!


Hello Motorcyclists:


I have been told that these MCCTs will work on other bikes, but I do not have all of the additional bikes needed to test fit them.  If you are an owner of one of the listed bike or believe this will fit your bike, are willing to meet me in Phoenix (near Camelback and Central), and allow me to test fit one of these on your bike, if it fits, I will give you one free. 


I have heard they fit the following bikes/engine, so this is what I am looking for at the moment:


600R Ninja

 KT1100 (all years )


KT1100 ( gpz1100)


KZ1000J/GPz1100 Police


So, if you are interested, email any of the email addresses on this website and we can set up a time to meet.



James Larson

TOC Manufacturing