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Our side cover modification and insert to allow you to change the stator on a Kawasaki VN700/750 without having to remove the engine. We machine the existing cover, (or provide you with a new one), and return it to you with an aluminum insert that is secured by the three screws that hold the outer cover plate in place.  For instructions on replacing the stator, see the link at the bottom or on the left side of this page.

Price for the Side Cover Modification is $450 plus shipping if you send me your cover for modification.  If you need a new cover shipped to you, add $200.  If you opt to have a new cover shipped to you, I will buy your old cover from you with the price to be determined by it's condition.

When using a new cover, it is recommended that you replace the oil seal for the gear shifter while the generator cover is off the bike.  Additionally, you will need a new Outside generator cover gasket, and should consider replacing the outside generator cover gasket as well. Click Here, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list of recommended parts for this job.

This modification works for both the stock Kawasaki stator and aftermarket Electrix stators.


Item SKU # Price  
Stator Cover Modification VNSC $450

New Stator Cover - Color Black VNSCB $200

New Stator Cover - Color Silver VNSCS $200


Click on any of the photos below to enlarge them


Outside Generator Cover

After the modification, the 3 screws are removed and outside generator cover is taken off


Recommended list of parts for stator replacement:

Part Name


Outside Generator Cover Gasket $ 11.50

Generator Cover Gasket $ 16.75

Shifter Oil Seal $   4.95

Stainless Steel Stator & Pickup Screws $ 12.00



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